What are the Most Common Safety Features of Modern Stair Lifts?

1 August 2019

Stair lifts can be an important tool that grants users upward mobility in their own homes, thus giving them more freedom and access to conduct their day-to-day lives as desired. Of course, it is essential that stair lifts not only be functional, but also safe. Modern stair lifts are equipped with a multitude of safety features designed to keep the user and those around them safe from harm. Below, we’ll break down the most common safety features that you will see on these accessibility tools today.

How Stair Lifts Keep You Safe
There are many ways that stair lifts help to ensure the safety of all involved. These features function in a variety of ways to accomplish this goal.

  • Seat belts. This is the most basic safety feature imaginable, but it is essential in keeping stair lift users safe.
  • Seat locks. Most stair lift seats will swivel in the user’s chosen direction at the top or the bottom of the stairs. Obviously, the seat shouldn’t swivel when the chair lift is in use. Seat locks make sure that this does not happen.
  • Seat lock switches. These handy devices keep the lift from operating unless the seat is locked into a certain position. This helps to keep others, like children, from accidentally turning it on and potentially causing injury.
  • Arm position switches. Unless the arms of the chair are in the proper position, many stair lifts will not operate.
  • Bumper switches. On the footrest of a chair lift, there will be a switch that causes the chair to stop if it detects an obstruction on the staircase.
  • Backup batteries. This ensures that the stair lift continues to work even if there is a power outage.
  • Keyed operation. The use of a key prevents the chair lift from being operated by someone else, like a curious child.
  • Foldable functionality. Many stair lifts and their footrests will fold up and down to accommodate the situation. Being able to fold up the seat keeps the staircase free and clear for others to use the stairs safely.

Stair lifts are invaluable tools to help a person to maintain their independence in their own home. Because they serve such an important function, it’s imperative that manufacturers ensure that they are safe to use. These features work on multiple levels to ensure that’s the case.